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Bellaire In-Home Alzheimer’s Care Providers

Bellaire in-home Alzheimer’s care providers are a valuable resource for the men and women suffering from this illness, in addition to their families.

Encore Caregivers has a staff of trained and experienced in-home Alzheimer’s care providers in Bellaire, TX that specialize in working with individuals who are grappling with this ailment — despite how advanced it might be.

Addressing a Complex Set of Needs

Bellaire Alzheimer’s care is a very specific area of in-home care. To deliver effective care, there are many needs that the provider must meet. It’s not as simple as coming to a person’s home and helping them cook dinner and taking care of their personal hygiene.

When it comes to Alzheimer’s care in Bellaire, TX, Encore Caregivers addresses the following broad set of client needs:

  • Physical: In some of the more advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, the individual may have difficulty walking, talking, feeding themselves and more. Our Bellaire in-home Alzheimer’s care providers assist with these basic and important chores and help them get through their everyday routines.
  • Mental: Of course, Alzheimer’s is most commonly known for the deterioration of the mind. Suffers need help communicating and remembering important things. Our in-home Alzheimer’s care providers in Bellaire, TX make sure these mental barriers do not inhibit the individual from living a high-quality, independent life.
  • Emotional: Alzheimer’s patients can experience extreme emotions — frustration, isolation, embarrassment. Encore Caregivers establishes close relationships with each client to help them process and eliminate these negative emotions.

This is in-home care that accounts for the big picture of a complex disease. Encore Caregivers allows Alzheimer’s sufferers to lead independent, fulfilling lives even in the face of their ailment.

Learn more about our dedicated Bellaire in-home Alzheimer’s care providers and receive a free nurse’s assessment for you or a loved one by contacting Encore Caregivers.


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