Covid 19 Coronavirus Rules

Dear Clients and their Families:

We want to reassure our families that we are doing everything possible in this health emergency.

It’s logical: The threat to us is real until the number of reported cases in Harris County is down to zero and even then we all must be diligent.

It’s logical: As testing for the virus increases, the likelihood of more documented cases increases. It’s not going away overnight.

Logic and common sense will bring us out of this whole.

Encore Caregivers knows that we must be smart in verifying that all caregivers are well-versed in the precautions that they need to be implementing each and every day. We have adopted special training and testing created to familiarize a caregiver on all aspects of the coronavirus. The test is being graded and added as documentation for the state. We have communicated with them repeatedly, and have required from them a formal acknowledgement of the fact that they are practicing Centers for Disease Control’s recommended precautions to fight the virus spread.

We are following developments from Centers for Disease Control, Harris County Public Health and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We do not relate stories of what we hear, what she said, what he swore happened or anything else that is not verified.

We wish calm, peace and health for you and your family,

Milton and Marilou Schopper
Owners, Encore Caregivers