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Katy Private In-Home Health Aide

To give your ailing loved one the care they need, while staying in their home, you need the services of a Katy private health aide. Our team at Encore Caregivers prides itself on providing excellent and professional service, allowing our clients to stay in the comfort of their own home. Regardless of your loved-one’s condition, we will strive to accommodate them.

By using Encore Caregivers as your Katy in-home health aide, you get more than just someone to sit with your family member. By opting in to our homemaking services, we take it a step further than the typical private health aide in Katy, TX. These services include:

  • Cooking: One of the things our clients miss the most with other providers of in home health aide in Katy, TX is home-cooked meals. Our staff takes the time to learn what our clients like to eat and strive to prepare them appetizing and nutritious light meals.
  • Housekeeping: As needed, our staff will clean and fold our client’s laundry, as well as take out the trash once daily. Also, though we keep our concern focused on the client, your Encore Caregivers Katy, TX senior caregiver can also clean the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other parts of the house the client frequently uses.
  • Medication reminders: For Encore Caregivers staff, part of being the best Katy private health aide is ensuring our clients follow the medication schedule exactly as their doctor prescribes.

Other necessities, such as checking the mail and running errands are all a part of what makes us stand out from the other Katy in-home health aide providers. In fact, our staff has come to look at running errands as a way to allow our clients to have a fun and safe outing away from the home.

We want to serve your family! Make us your Katy private health aide provider now by calling or filling out our contact form. We are available to answer any questions you may have and also offer a free nurse’s assessment.


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