Caregiver Homemaker Services: Light Housekeeping

Caregiver Homemaker Services: Light Housekeeping

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Preparation of Light Meals & Snacks

An appetizing and nutritious light meal or snack enhances the client’s overall sense of well-being. The ability of the client to choose their favorite fuel is a key component of their quality of life. Our caregivers recognize that fact and encourage the client to enjoy their breakfast, lunch and/or dinner – with healthy snacks in between.

Shopping and Errands

Encore Caregivers’ staff members can shop for groceries and other household necessities, pick up prescriptions and run errands. This can be accomplished in the client or caregiver’s car. Depending upon the wishes of the client, these tasks often become fun outings for the caregiver and the client – accomplished together.

Light Housekeeping Tasks

While the focus must remain on the client, Encore Caregivers’ staff members maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other areas of the home routinely used in the care of the client. The household garbage is removed daily and the client’s personal laundry is washed, folded and put away as needed.

Answering the door or telephone

According to the wishes and style requested.

Retrieving the mail

Including newspapers or advertisements.