Senior Caregivers


The Caregivers Who Really Care and Make a Difference

Private In-Home Health Aides in Houston, Tx – Our Staff – Who Are They?

They are uniquely qualified for their work: Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), Patient Care Assistants (PCAs), Medical Technicians (Med Techs) – they may have different titles but are all skilled, trained with experience. Led by our Registered Nurse (RN) – they are all experienced, competent, trustworthy, and compassionate.

When we couple them with our well-qualified support personnel, Encore Caregivers has nothing short of a winning team!

What You Should Know About Our Staff:

Because we are licensed by the state, Encore Caregivers has high standards when it comes to employment.

As a Home and Community Support Services Agency (License Number 012553) for Personal Assistance Services, Encore Caregivers must comply with the standards, regulations, and periodic reviews mandated by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. What does that mean for you? Without a doubt, it means much higher quality care for your loved one.

Cindy Devlin Rn Alternate Administrator

Ready to Serve

Our pre-employment process for hiring Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), and/or supervisory and support staff exceeds Texas state-mandated requirements. Encore Caregivers retains an outside investigation firm to verify social security number, employment history, driving record and absence of criminal history.

We also require an up-to-date TB test for all caregiving staff. Although not required by the state, Encore Caregivers requires pre-employment (and implements random) drug screens. And of course, verifiable on-the-job experience under the supervision of a nurse and successful completion of a skills/competency examination are necessary before an employment offer is made.

Management Carefully Monitors

Encore Caregivers’ goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We do this in a variety of ways. One way is that caregivers provide our nurse with regular updates as to client status and suggested changes. Our “Field Lead” also conducts periodic site visits to assure client satisfaction. Of course, we are always available to address issues presented by the client or family. Another plus – Encore Caregivers requires caregivers to complete a package of training classes before they come on board. Once on board, Encore Caregivers conducts mandatory regular training for its caregivers in subjects relevant to their job function. This training takes the form of three annual in-service trainings, monthly caregiver skills labs, video/written trainings on our Web site as well as an unequaled online training course offering with in-the-know caregiver training company. When it comes to training, we shine.

Proper Matching of Client and Caregiver

Our professional management and caregiver staff understand this simple concept: People are different. Encore Caregivers’ success is primarily due to achieving positive chemistry between the client and the caregiver. We excel in this aspect of client service. We read your preferences and assign a matching caregiver. But, when personnel changes become necessary to achieve the proper matching, every effort is made to achieve a smooth transition.

Minimum Personnel Rotation

Encore understands that both clients and caregivers appreciate stability and consistency in staffing schedules. Encore Caregivers makes every effort to minimize personnel changes once the “right” client and caregiver match is achieved. Understandably, clients are most satisfied when they are able to enjoy continuity of care with their chosen caregiver. However, if a client or caregiver emergency occurs, management reacts quickly to resolve the issue – smoothly.

You Can’t Teach Empathy

Encore Caregivers’ employees have big hearts. This personality trait is fundamental to achieving client and caregiver satisfaction.

If we have to put our finger on one personal trait necessary to predict success as a caregiver, it would be heart. We have it – and then some.

Bonded and Insured

Encore Caregivers’ clients do not have any employer obligations or responsibilities. As the employer, Encore Caregivers insures its caregivers against work-related accidents and pays all required payroll taxes. Also, because Encore Caregivers has stringent hiring practices including background and criminal investigations, we are able to obtain a fidelity bond for each of our employees.