Senior Medical Procedure Transportation

Medical Procedure Transportation & Aftercare

Did you know that whenever you schedule a procedure, more and more doctors are requiring patients to:

  • Have someone with them when they check in
  • Have someone waiting for them while they have the procedure
  • Have someone to take them to the hotel/airport when they are discharged
Home Health Aide Duties

Caregivers For Medical Procedure Transportation

When trying to find Houston medical procedure transportation or in-home care after a medical procedure, you must look no further than Encore Caregivers. There is so much medical-care action in and around our Texas Medical Center and throughout the Houston Metro region. In fact, The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is the largest medical center in the world, just 10 minutes from downtown Houston and is visited by 4.8 million patients annually. In all, there are more than 85 hospitals in the Houston area with more than 19,300 beds – and of course, we haven’t begun to count the thousands of doctor’s offices and clinics in the region. Many of these often require their patients to have Houston medical procedure transportation and in-home care after a medical procedure. Encore Caregivers is on “speed-dial” for major institutions to offer these services. Why? Because we are very, very good at what we do. Efficient, professional, and reliable.

Transportation And In-Home Recovery Care

Our caregivers arrive at the airport, the hotel, or a local residence and easily and quickly take our clients to their procedure, wait for them while the procedure is completed, and then take the client back to their choice of locations. We ensure that the client is safe and secure in the hands of a caregiver through any distraction, even as the effects of any medications are wearing off — even through recovery.

And, it’s not just transportation that our caregivers can handle for the client. Caregivers can stop at a pharmacy and get any necessary prescriptions, stop at a grocery store, get the client settled in at home or the hotel, unpack and organize the client’s room, make a light meal or snack, and/or/or run errands. We can remain at the residence until the client returns – a few hours or a few days.

Post-Procedure In-Home Care For Houston Seniors

It can be very off-putting to find yourself in a strange city and need care, either Houston medical procedure transportation or in-home care after a medical procedure. Encore Caregivers can put your mind at ease. We are on the phone regularly with clients who are nervous about a procedure or frustrated about all the details to be considered when planning home care after surgery. Our in-home caregivers after surgery can make your life so much easier by being there to assist with all your needs.

You Won’t Have To Disturb Family And Friends To Take You, Bring You Back, Or Nurse You When You Have Arranged In-Home Care With Encore Caregivers.

We are on the top of the call list for many medical institutions around the Houston Metropolitan Area because of the high level of service that our in-home caregivers provide after surgery. We will be there to help you. Please give us a call.

How Much Is Medical Procedure Transportation Services?

The fee for our primary service is $155 for 4 hours, including parking. An additional $.70 per mile traveled is charged. Our fee is $25 per hour for any additional service needed, charged in one-hour increments.

Experience Encore Caregivers. Let us show you how convenient our services are and how simple it is to have us help you or your loved one – call today at 713-686-2233.

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