Encore Caregivers Stands Head and Shoulders Above the Rest – Case #11

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When a client is cared for by Encore Caregivers, they can expect high quality companionship, homemaking and personal care. They get that and more as we strive to meet and exceed client expectations. What is sometimes an unexpected bonus, and a completely complimentary service, is Encore Caregivers’ ability to provide the client with all tools necessary to navigate the often confusing world of long term care insurance (LTCi).  

Mike Aden, founder of Encore Caregivers, is sure of his company’s abilities in the long term care insurance arena. “We specialize in deciphering the ‘code’ and guiding the client to properly initiate claims in order to minimize the time required to receive reimbursement,” he states.

Encore Caregivers’ staff works diligently to sift through the often complex language and requirements and communicate those to a client. Many clients believe that if he or she paid for it, then in-home care will be completely covered by the LTCi policy. That is not the case. Built into many LTCi policies are strict rules and benefit triggers – conditions that must be met for the client to qualify for benefits.

One such benefit trigger can be the level of care necessary to help the client with their activities of daily living (ADLs). Can the client dress, eat and walk by themselves? Are they able to take care of their own personal hygiene and toileting? Often an in-home care agency’s services are paid for through LTCi when a client needs help with two or three activities of daily living. But each policy is different. It is necessary to be very alert to the fine print.

As a client studies the details of their LTCi policy, they must focus on understanding the nuances. Are there daily maximums for care? Inflation riders? Restrictions as to levels of coverage and benefits available? ADL triggers? Knowing this is critical to being reimbursed as expected. Inattention to these nuances can result in slow pay, no pay and epic upset.  

Lucky for Encore Caregivers’ clients, they have experts on their side. Not only does the company communicate with the client and the insurance company, but the staff can guide clients every step of the way. The staff knows that when the claim is filed, correcting mistakes and omissions down the road is often impossible. That’s why the staff works to get it right the first time.  

And, that’s another reason why Encore Caregivers stands head and shoulders above the rest.