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Tanglewood In-Home Alzheimer’s Care Providers

Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families do not have to take this journey alone — Encore Caregivers is a proud Tanglewood in-home Alzheimer’s care provider that can deliver the valuable assistance needed.

Alzheimer’s patients can still manage to lead independent lives when they have the right assistance. Encore Caregivers’ in-home Alzheimer’s care providers in Tanglewood, TX are trained to provide the needed support for these men and women, whether that comes in the form of providing important medication reminders, ensuring safety, or simply ensuring they are engaged socially.

Valuable Tanglewood Alzheimer’s care

When it comes to Alzheimer’s care in Tanglewood, TX, Encore Caregivers has designed a care program that meets all the specific needs of Alzheimer’s sufferers. This includes:

  • Personal care: Alzheimer’s patients aren’t necessarily limited physically, but they often need reminders about certain things. From medication reminders to helping construct a daily schedule, our Tanglewood in-home Alzheimer’s care providers ensure that these men and women are able to receive proper care.
  • Companionship: A huge part of staving off the extreme symptoms of Alzheimer’s is keeping the person engaged. This often means keeping the mind active with puzzles, games, hobbies, or getting out and enjoying fun activities together.

Our in-home Alzheimer’s care providers in Tanglewood, TX are trained and experienced working with men and women suffering from this incurable ailment. Encore Caregivers provides compassionate care that encourages the client to live an independent life and also maintain the highest quality of life possible.

Get a Free Nurse’s Assessment with Encore Caregivers

Are you unsure whether or not Tanglewood in-home Alzheimer’s care providers are right for you or a loved one? Our free nurse’s assessment can shed some light on this. Contact our team and let’s have an honest discussion about whether or not you or a loved one need assistance at home.


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