Mask-Up? Of Course, Mask-Up!

Marilou Schopper owner

Sharing facts that our friends, clients and their families should know and put to use




Shortly after the governor’s announcement regarding the state backing off the mask requirement, I sent out this message to our 100+ caregivers:

“Encore Caregivers – All Caregivers – We appreciate that there is some small, welcome, positive news regarding COVID-19 numbers. However, the threat of COVID-19 is real. Houston and Harris County are still at the RED THREAT LEVEL. ALL COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS SHOULD STILL BE TAKEN: MASK-UP, SOCIALLY DISTANCE, CLEAN FREQUENTLY TOUCHED SURFACES, WASH HANDS OFTEN, GET VACCINATED. BE SMART. PLEASE.”

I felt confident that our caregivers knew that. But, I would have been remiss if I had ignored the topic of the day. Can’t we unmask? The answer is a resounding “NO!” Our caregivers care about their clients and their families and themselves. They are committed to being safe and showing the professionalism that has helped to build this in-home care agency’s solid reputation. I am not worried that we will have undisciplined caregivers show up for work in homes, hospitals, hotels and assisted living/memory care/skilled nursing facilities wearing no mask. It won’t happen. They know, have seen (too much) – and have experienced the high cost of COVID-19.




But, too many people in society have proven, over and over again that they cannot process information and come to a rational decision. They jump to conclusions and don’t understand politics and nuance, even reason – they, too often, make snap decisions. We see it every day. How many of those people listened to the governor and heard, “It’s not necessary to wear a mask anymore”? The reality is very, very scary. I cannot trust all members of society to be responsible and keep me safe – staying out of circulation if they are ill – socially distancing from me. You can’t either. It has never worked before and ti won’t work now.

So, we at Encore Caregivers recommend that you and yours continue to lay low. Don’t go out unless necessary, don’t socialize. Mask-up. Exercising caution will win the day with COVID-19, not exercising personal freedoms. Let’s be smart and then celebrate the fruit of our self-denial in the form of community control of COVID-19.

What a happy day that will be.

Stay safe and healthy,
Marilou Schopper
Owner, Encore Caregivers

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