Remember Good News?

Marilou Schopper owner

Good news is making a comeback.  Let me count the ways:

  1. The county judge has moved us to Yellow Threat Level and Green is just around the corner (despite end-of-the-world theorists).
  2. My mask-ne (mask+acne) has almost cleared up.
  3. I am completely getting over the social stigma of being glared at when I don’t wear my mask in public (double vaccinated, thank you).
  4. I can hug again.
  5. My glasses don’t steam up (much) anymore.
  6. I can once again eat out.  Yipee!

Now, if we could only travel safely.  One of life’s blessings that I have missed has been travel.  I love the long-weekend get-away, the work-week sneak-away – and of course – the out and out vacation.  COVID-19 had put an end to all of that.  Sad.  Yes, I haven’t had a vacation since 2017 – wait, that was long before COVID-19 reared its ugly head.

Oh yeah, that’s right.  I am a business owner.  Vacations are few and far between.  Okay, so one less thing to blame on COVID-19 – (remember when we hardly knew it – when it was brand-spanking new and we called it coronavirus? Seems like an eternity ago.)

I am sick of the mountains of protocols that we must follow in COVID-19, the tiresome complaints from the never-compliant and the limitless limits that this disease has placed upon us all.

It is time for a break.  I mean a big break and it looks like it is just around the corner.

My eye is on Green – then it will be a true time to celebrate.

Stay safe and healthy,
Marilou Schopper
Owner, Encore Caregivers

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