The Unique Advantages of Home Care: What Senior Care Facilities Can’t Provide

The Unique Advantages of Home Care: What Senior Care Facilities Can’t Provide

If it’s becoming clear that an older adult you love needs more assistance or care than you can provide alone, you have probably started the journey of exploring long-term care options to help them age as comfortably and safely as possible.

On one hand, you might be considering residential senior care facilities that older adults can move into instead of continuing to live at home. Residential senior living is an option for some people. However, it’s not necessary to rush into a senior living facility. Many times, it’s better to start gradually introducing the idea of support through care services that are provided in a person’s own home. In-home care services offer an individualized care experience in the comfort of an older adult’s own home. There are many advantages of home care you should consider as you create an aging care plan for an older adult you love.

What Are the Advantages of Home Care?

  • Caregiver Matching – Each person, no matter their age, has their own specific health and wellness needs, personality traits, and personal interests. These attributes will naturally influence who they might like to provide support and assistance as they age. At residential senior care facilities, residents do not get a choice regarding which care providers are assigned to tend to their daily needs and wishes. Instead, resident assistants are assigned to them based on staffing schedules, and multiple caregivers work in shifts throughout the week. One of the profound advantages of home care is that we take the time to get to know the older adult and their loved ones so that we can artfully pair them with the most compatible caregiver to meet their unique needs. The home care model gives older adults the opportunity to build a genuine relationship with their caregiver who often becomes a trusted companion as they age at home. Family members also gain peace of mind knowing that the caregiver their loved one has been matched with has the skillset to fulfill their specific care needs; they are not simply the person assigned to care for multiple residents simultaneously.
  • 1:1 Care – As we age, our care needs typically evolve, so providing effective care changes as an older adult’s life progresses. For families, keeping track of a loved one’s care needs and health updates is easiest to do when one or two caregivers can focus their full attention on the aging adult. In a senior care facility, one caregiver is typically working with multiple seniors throughout their shift. Receiving care at home means your loved one will have one person focusing on them the entire time, without distractions. Opting for home care also means that the senior will most likely be receiving care from the same caregiver(s) on a regular basis. This allows for a rapport to develop between the older adult and their caregiver. It also provides peace of mind for loved ones that the caregiver is familiar with the older adult’s health history, preferences, and the specific plan of care that lead to the highest quality of life.
  • Customized Care Plans – A component of why 1:1 care is so beneficial is that it also gives the caregiver and the home care agency the chance to get to know all the small details that make a big impact on satisfaction with life and the outcomes of the care provided. At Encore Caregivers, we begin getting to know our clients with a complimentary consultation, which allows us to develop a customized care plan for the person in need of care. With your input and our expertise, we are able to choose the right caregiver and adjust the plan as needs change, providing additional training as needed along the way.
  • Independent Living at Home – While senior care facilities are a viable option for those can afford it, nothing quite matches the comfort of one’s own home. One of the best benefits of home care is that the aging adult will be able to age independently and safely at home, where things are familiar and they’ve built joyful memories with the people they love. Choosing home care means that an older adult will not have to face the stress of a move and adjustment period of getting to know an unfamiliar environment. Instead, they will be able to keep their pets, lifestyle, and routines in the place they’ve invested so much time and resources into establishing. Staying at home also offers the benefit of more freedom, as seniors will be able to come and go as they please, and invite guests to visit as often as they please.

If you are exploring options for care for a senior loved one and want the peace of mind of knowing they are receiving all the advantages of home care discussed here, reach out to us today! We have built a strong reputation for offering the most professional, compassionate home care services in Memorial, Bellaire, Katy, and the nearby areas, and are eager to help members of the greater Houston area community. Contact us online, or give us a call at 713-686-2233 for more information.