How Home Care Services Can Support Memory Care for Older Adults

Memory care is an important part of in-home dementia care services

If an older adult you love has been experiencing memory loss from Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, you know that finding ways to manage their new normal can be a challenge. In addition, their new normal will change over time as the disease progresses.

It’s hard to imagine just how much someone’s life changes with a decline in memory until you experience it firsthand. Memory care becomes crucial as the person begins to struggle with completing regular household tasks, understanding the order in which to put on clothes, when to take the right medications, where necessary materials are around the house – and the list goes on.

Many people assume that a residential memory care facility is an ideal solution for long-term care. However, receiving home care services from a trusted senior care provider such as Encore Caregivers, can help alleviate the challenges of memory loss while preserving familiarity and independence. In-home care services offer support to aging adults and families navigating memory loss, but there are also other benefits home care services offers.

Which Home Care Services Help With Memory Care?

The Alzheimer’s Association lists the following types of services to help with memory care:

  1. Personal Care Services – Personal care services include help with everyday hygiene, such as bathing, using the restroom, and getting dressed. As loved ones age and memory deteriorates, it’s not always easy to remember these tasks or the steps involved in the process. Getting professional help ensures that the older adult you love will always be well cared for.
  2. Companionship Care – Aging at home doesn’t have to mean being alone. Companionship care services involve having a caregiver provide safety monitoring for an aging adult from day-to-day, while also participating in daily activities alongside them. The caregiver might provide a listening ear for conversations, play games, look through photo albums, reminisce, take the client on outings in the community, and more. Having a companion caregiver to talk to and share stories with can provide stimulation to slow down cognitive decline or distraction to prevent repetitive behaviors.
  3. Housekeeping Services – An older adult with dementia may forget to complete basic household chores such as taking out the trash, folding the laundry, or throwing away expired food in the refrigerator.  A professional caregiver can complete light household chores such as these to make sure that the older adult’s home environment is tidy and safe, while also attending to a client’s changing care needs.
  4. Coordination of Care – When older adults need wound care, injections, or have other specialized care needs, it goes without saying that memory loss can cause a major risk to their health. As a key component of an at-home memory care plan, a home care provider can help make sure that an older adult is keeping up with medical appointments with providers who visit the home as well as those who provide service outside of the home.

Where Can I Find These Home Care Services?

Look no further! Award-winning Encore Caregivers provides home care services that can include support with memory care for an aging loved one with dementia. We offer professional Alzheimer’s and dementia care that helps seniors manage their condition as it changes over time.

We also offer a variety of other home care services, including 24/7 care and live-in care, which help to ease the challenges that surround memory loss and ensure that aging adults are as supported as possible every step of the way.

If someone you love needs memory care and you are interested in exploring home care services, Encore Caregivers can help. We provide compassionate, trusted services in Houston and the surrounding areas that help aging adults continue to live at home safely and independently. Contact us online, or call us at 713-686-2233 for more information.